Land price predictions 2015

Although regional trends abound, agricultural land prices have risen by about 20% in the last 3 years. A good investment on any terms. The rate of growth appears to be slowing but the lack of supply is widely regarded as the principal reason for prices remaining firm. It is this lack of supply that makes it difficult to buy land, particularly in the north of the country. Land, farms and particularly sporting estates often change hands behind closed doors. The […]

January 2014

By the end of 2013 there was a wide spread feeling of renewed confidence in the UK housing market. Transaction levels were up, prices (with huge regional variances) were up and the banks showed a renewed appetite to lend.  According to the Halifax the average price for a house in the UK now stands at £174,940, up 7.7% year on year – the highest reported growth since 2007.  It must be noted that these figures are clearly distorted by the […]

January 2013

Despite a general ‘wait-and-see’ attitude on the part of both vendors and purchasers, transaction and pricing levels suggest the 2012 housing market remained surprisingly resilient.  The concerns of some commentators over the effects of the combination of a struggling economy, the second wettest weather conditions on record, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic/Paralympic Games seems slightly misplaced.However, we must not be complacent.  The national housing market remains fragile, with the exception of London. Consumer confidendence is understandably weak and […]

April 2012

We now find ourselves in the Spring market traditionally the most active time of year in the UK property market.  If we look at market conditions at the same time last year we could describe them as being lukewarm at best.  In order to try and build a picture of what we are likely to expect in the next quarter I propose to analyse the various housing market barometers that have been released in the past week. The number of […]

February 2012

With the traditionally quiet month of January behind us and 2012 now in full swing we can now have a considered opinion of where the residential property market is likely to progress for the remainder of the year.  To do this I want to look at the current levels of active buyers and sellers in the market place.  Firstly the buyers.  I was encouraged to read the latest figures released by Rightmove.  They quote that search activity during the first ten days […]

December 2011

It appears house prices are again weathering the economic storm – well that is according to the Nationwide.  Their property index rose 0.4% in November making the average property worth £165,718.  However, in a separate survey of the UK housing market, the October data from the Land Registry shows prices were down, their figures making the average property worth £159,999.   Why are the figures different?  The Nationwide index and for that matter the Halifax index as well are based on […]

November 2011

Some encouraging news to report during a continuing uncertain economic climate.  According to the latest figures published by the Nationwide, average residential property prices in the UK increased by 0.4% in October with the typical house now costing £165,650.  This means that the price for the average house in October is 0.8% higher than one year ago putting annual house price growth into positive territory for the first time in 6 months.  There are inevitable regional variances to be found […]

October 2011

Despite the car thermometer nudging 30 degrees on Friday, the Nationwide Chief Economist talks of “a cooling recovery in the UK housing market as accelerating inflation and government budget cuts weaken consumer confidence”.  He does paint a gloomy picture with, looming in the background, the well documented crisis in the Eurozone.  Now, I do not wish to be accused of playing ostrich to the extraneous and significant factors effecting our housing market but I disagree with this outlook.  I am, albeit cautiously, optimistic of a […]

September 2011

Some economists warn that the current weakness in the housing market is a worrying symptom that confidence in the economy continues to falter.  Well, I agree up to a point.  It is true that people are nervous about taking on new or bigger mortgages at a time when the economy remains relatively weak and their jobs may not be secure.  I cannot seem to persuade myself that this is necessarily a bad thing.  It would be better, of course, if the economic situation looked […]

August 2011

Estate agent figures published at the end of July revealed that prices have continued to edge backwards in the last month.   According to the latest National Housing Survey, average prices dropped by 0.1%, resulting in a 3.9% fall from July 2010.   There was some brighter news though as the number of agreed sales rose sharply for the second consecutive month with volumes having increased by 9.6% in July, this following a jump of 10.7% in June.  The extent of the improvement […]